the afternoons we used to spend together (_shapesofstars) wrote in shoutingwithin,
the afternoons we used to spend together


i hate how he will do anything for her. at the drop of a dime he is there to be her fucking slave. to do her house work, to pick her up from wherever, to drive her wherever. yet if one of his best friends needs something he has to be all iffy about it.

like when we're driving to school. we will wait 10 minutes for her to finish getting ready. i don't believe in that. i don't think it's cool to be late to school or have to miss first because we're late because someone doesn't know how to fucking be ready on time and get their ass in gear. what the fuck.

if it was one of his friends he'd complain and tell us to hurry and bitch about being late to school. but we go inside her room and wait "patiently" and nicely without saying "hurry dude" or "we're going to be late". i fucking hate it.

fuck him. fuck her. he's supposed to be my best friend/brotherly figure. and he's whipped. i hope she hurts him so he will feel regretful and stupid and everyone will hate her and for once they will listen to me when i say "she's a whore don't go out with her."

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