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i love my mommy cause she ohhhhh yea.

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it was like.. urrrg.. arrg... fxck! i hate you!

hi. i'm a newbie here. i'm usually not a person to hate something - i really try to keep my hate levels down. however, during the holiday season i always tend to become over-irritated.

::i hate shitty christmas music and the happy attitude associated with it.
::i hate extended family stays
::i hate sharing my bed with relatives i only see every few years
::i hate the smell of my grandmother (well, i just hate my grandmother in general)
::i hate people who diss on popular music genres (ie: pop, pop punk, emo, etc)
::i hate people who make fun of mentally ill people
::and morbidly obsese people
::or any other stereotypical type of person
::i hate people that seem to associate the words "gay" and "retard" as synonyms for "stupid"
::i hate driving on i-96 between 3pm and 8pm
::i hate going to concerts at clutch cargos
::i hate sxe people that make sure everyone around them knows they're sxe
::i hate cigarette smoke in my eyes
::i hate people that steal my lighters
::i hate coming home stoned
::i hate the outrageous prices of gas
::i hate(d) 97% of my graduating class
::i hate being an insomniac and having to do something important early in the morning.

i think that's all for now. comment, or don't. whatev'a. just a place to let off steam besides my own journal. sometimes, you can't really write the things you want to in your own fucking journal because the wrong people read it. now that's shitty.
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